Brett Mills

Vice President -

Brett has been in the financial services industry since 2000, specializing in retirement planning since 2007. Brett is known for delivering unquestionable service and for his expertise in retirement income and insurance planning. Additionally, Brett is fluent in Spanish. He lives happily with his wife Loralee and his four children in Milford, Michigan.

  • Licenses: Series 65. Health, Accident and Life Insurance
  • Education: University of Michigan, BBA Business Management
  • Education: Michigan Theological Seminary, Masters of Divinity

We partner with Riskalyze, a company that quantifies the risk tolerance of every investor in a unique and innovative way built on decades of academic research. Together we translate risk tolerance into a math-based Risk Number.  By using powerful risk analytics, we compare your risk preference with your actual portfolio risk.  Then we Stress test your portfolio for a variety of stock and bond market scenarios.  By completing the risk assessment and getting a true risk score will help us as we evaluate your long term goals and needs. This is the first step that we’re taking behind the scenes to ensure you’re invested correctly and so you’re set for your long term goals. What is your risk number? 

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Brett Mills