Annuity & SSI Maximization

How good is a guaranteed paycheck each month if it’s less than it could be?  Over the course of your retirement, you’ll draw on several sources for income, and we believe that each one should be scrutinized to ensure that it’s paying the most it can.

Many Americans still believe that taking their SSI at 62 is a good idea, but the math tells a different story.  Those who wait until the maximum age of 70 will enjoy nearly double the benefit, and if they were to live until 94 they’d collect almost 50% more total dollars.

Of course, not everyone is capable of waiting.  Our team is eager to invest time in every scenario, using the most cutting-edge tools available to help you decide when to take SSI income.

When it comes to annuities, it is a complex maze of products, riders, and fine print.  The truth is this: You’ll almost NEVER see the optimal benefit of an annuity by letting the company suggest a strategy.  Timing distributions just right, along with selecting the most appropriate index and riders can nearly double the lifetime paycheck in many cases.

How do I pick the best annuity?

You don’t have to!  That is what we do best.  By scrutinizing each product and running thousands of market and longevity scenarios, we are able to show you how each would perform in both the best and the worst of times.

Are you worried about Life Insurers going out of business?

Quite simply, no.  Life Insurance products were BUILT for times like these, and as the only financial institutions on both the longevity AND mortality side of the econonimc equation…there is no doubt that the will thrive.

When should I take my SSI income?

Well…how healthy are you?  What does your family history look like?  Do you have any assets to draw from now enabling you to wait?  Is your spouse much younger than you?

All these questions must be considered before pulling the trigger on SSI, but we have a multitude of tools to help you see the math.