• Chris Alberta

    Chris Alberta

    President / CEO


    For over 19 years, Chris has been an innovator in the financial services industry. President of Principium Tactical Wealth Management, and CEO of Senior Benefits…

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  • Brett Mills

    Brett Mills

    Vice President


    Brett has been in the financial services industry since 2000, specializing in retirement planning since 2007. Brett is known for delivering unquestionable service and for…

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  • Danielle Villani

    Danielle Villani

    Director of Operations


    Danielle has been in the Wealth Management business since 2006, she joined the Principium Tactical Wealth Management team as Director of Operations in 2016. She…

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  • Kaitlyn Mulder

    Kaitlyn Mulder

    Marketing & Communications Specialist


    Kaitlyn was introduced to the Principium team at the end of 2017 and directs all aspects of company marketing and communications. She specializes in developing…

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  • Austin Sophiea

    Austin Sophiea

    Retirement Specialist


    Austin Sophiea is the most vibrant inclusion to our advisory team. Specializing in Medicare solutions and defined benefit plan income planning, he works with both…

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  • Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams

    Medicare Specialist


    Michelle has been mastering the Medicare business since 2015. She joined the Principium team in 2018, as a Medicare specialist. Michelle is known for her…

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  • David M. Regnier

    David M. Regnier

    Estate Planning Attorney


    David Regnier is an attorney specializing in the areas of Estate Planning & Elder Law Services. Prior to that, Mr. Regnier practiced in the areas…

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