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  • Fee-Based Investment Management

    As a firm, we believe that the only proven way to manage wealth correctly is to follow rule-based approach that eliminates human error and emotion. By teaming up with Navellier Calculated Investing, we have been able to provide our clients with dynamically managed private accounts that are actively traded in order to meet their objective. People are tired of the roller coaster…watching their nest eggs go up and down systematically. At Principium, we understand that most folks will need to participate in the stock market to a degree. Our investment principle is simple: Our strategies are built on scientific research and constant analysis by leading professionals with decades of experience…

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    Fee-Based Investment Management

  • Retirement Income Planning

    Most clients we meet understand that they need to have a plan of action heading into retirement. After all…the “accumulation” phase is over, and now its time to pay yourself back. The truth is that “decumulating” an asset safely is a far trickier landscape to navigate, and in a low interest economy it can be downright dangerous. Successful Income – The Unknown Frontier We firmly believe that the most “successful” retirees in the future will not be good investors, but rather be wonderfully calculated SAVERS. In fact, the myriad of opinions from the thousand of industry experts offering advice on how to invest in the market for income in retirement…

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    Retirement Income Planning

  • Annuity & SSI Maximization

    How good is a guaranteed paycheck each month if it’s less than it could be? Over the course of your retirement, you’ll draw on several sources for income, and we believe that each one should be scrutinized to ensure that it’s paying the most it can. Many Americans still believe that taking their SSI at 62 is a good idea, but the math tells a different story. Those who wait until the maximum age of 70 will enjoy nearly double the benefit, and if they were to live until 94 they’d collect almost 50% more total dollars. Of course, not everyone is capable of waiting. Our team is eager to…

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    Annuity & SSI Maximization

  • Wealth Transfer & Legacy Planning

    Many of our clients have been extraordinary SAVERS, and not only enjoy an active and fruitful lifestyle, but know that they will leave something behind to loved ones. As tax implications loom greater with each year, there is an imminent need to begin creating an “economy-proof” legacy plan that will ensure minimal or even zero taxes be paid on inheritance. Using cutting-edge life insurance techniques, we are able to help our clients LEVERAGE current assets and required minimum distributions (RMDs) into legacy plans that ensure an Income and Estate tax free benefit to their beneficiaries. “Buying future tax-free dollars at a discount today”, is a rather funny line to read,…

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    Wealth Transfer & Legacy Planning

  • Medicare Insurance Advisory Services

    Medicare Advisory Services Making the transition from employer-paid healthcare or an individual plan to Medicare can be confusing. With over 10,000 people each day turning 65, the landscape has become overwhelmed with supplemental salespeople and a phone that almost never stops ringing. Be assured though, that with the correct guidance from our team, you’ll be able to enroll in the most efficient plan. Supplemental programs are basically identical, and although they are issued from private companies, are managed and designed by the government. The ONLY real difference between products is the price you pay and method by which rates are adjusted. Because we are appointed with nearly every program in…

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    Medicare Insurance Advisory Services

  • Legal and Estate Planning

    Are You Facing a Legal & Estate Planning Crisis? Every day, individuals and their families are affected by catastrophic illnesses. What if a loved one suffers a stroke, develops dementia, or becomes unable to care for themselves due to aging? All too often, events like these can lead to people losing their assets due to the cost of long term care. It is important to have a plan in place to protect yourself or your loved one should you need to. Principium is committed to the security of our client's assets and we encourage them to complete a full review of their legal and estate planning needs. The services provided…

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    Legal and Estate Planning