Wealth Transfer & Legacy Planning

Many of our clients have been extraordinary SAVERS, and not only enjoy an active and fruitful lifestyle, but know that they will leave something behind to loved ones.  As tax implications loom greater with each year, there is an imminent need to begin creating an “economy-proof” legacy plan that will ensure minimal or even zero taxes be paid on inheritance.

Using cutting-edge life insurance techniques, we are able to help our clients LEVERAGE current assets and required minimum distributions (RMDs) into legacy plans that ensure an Income and Estate tax free benefit to their beneficiaries.

“Buying future tax-free dollars at a discount today”, is a rather funny line to read, but it is most certainly the mechanism by which the wealthiest families in the world have perpetuated wealth from one generation to the next, and the key is always the use of highly strategic life insurance.

Why is buying life insurance smart?

Life insurance death benefits are distributed income-tax free, and are usually a fixed amount that far exceed any premiums paid in.  For families who would rather “know” what the final score will be, rather than hope that the markets perform and tax rates stay low…this is by far the preferential method.

What if we need the money later?

Most plans can ensure that there is substantial cash value available should you decide to take tax-free distributions from it, and the death benefit would be reduced to reflect the withdrawal.  Keep in mind that the majority of legacy plans like these are simply a conduit to ensure that RMD withdrawals have a safe-haven to flow through, with an accelerated benefit for your loved ones.