Meet Our TeamPrincipium Tactical Wealth Management is a nationally recognized Retirement Planning firm based in Brighton, MI that employs a highly tactical process to preserve and grow wealth and reduce risk.  We have had the good fortune over the years of working with many distinguished people, and frequently work with high net-worth individuals seeking an alternative to market risk and excessive taxation.

The solution? At Principium, we firmly believe in the merit of a properly structured annuity, and happily design portfolios around them.  Unlike many, we do not over-fund annuities, making them the Lion’s share of a nest egg…rather build them to protect and distribute the funds that reduce market volatility.

In conjunction with the M&O Marketing, a leading strategy and analytics firm with a national footprint, our team and has been able to supply some of the most cutting-edge estate and wealth management plans for more than 12 billion dollars since 2006.

Hundreds of our most distinguished clients have benefited from our work, and continue to honor us by referring their colleagues. Notable institutions and groups my associates and I have worked with include:

  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical School
  • Henry Ford Health System and Hospital
  • Nestle Corporation
  • Dana Corporation
  • Champion Spark Plug
  • The Michigan State Police
  • General Motors
  • Ford Motor Company
  • The Detroit Lions
  • Lear Corporation
  • And many, many more.

Whether a doctor, professor, or a corporate executive, one thing has become clear when working with highly successful people:  They must feel very, very good about the plans they own, and simply refuse to lose money.  It is only due to our un-wavering commitment to wealth preservation and old-fashioned principles that we have been able rise above the uncertainties and exceed the expectations of the most demanding clientele.