Unlock Your Retirement - 2 Part Dinner Series

Course Overview

We are combining our Medicare and IRA workshops into one evening with a complimentary meal.

This 2 -part series is designed to give you a comprehensive insight into the do's and don'ts of healthcare and investment strategies. In order to avoid the confusing array of possibilities, we will guide you through the most common mistakes made by retirees and show you the secrets to successful saving.

Here's what we'll learn together:

  • IRA Conversions and Aggregations
  • How to properly calculate Required Minimum Distributions
  • RMD's effect on taxes
  • How to correctly title for beneficiaries
  • The differences between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Understanding the gaps in Medicare coverage
  • Enrolling to avoid getting stuck in a costly Medicare plan.


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Course Attendee Testimonials

  • Dennis, Saline, MI

    The Medicare workshop presentation was thoroughly informative and easy to digest. It was was such an eye-opener! 

  • Mark, Dexter, MI

    I've been to several Medicare presentations over the years. Out of all of them, Austin was the most knowledgeable speaker I've ever seen.

  • Gina, Brighton, Michigan

    I attended the IRA distribution course with my mother. Chris is a natural teacher and delivered useful information in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend this class to anyone unsure about IRA accounts and distributions.

  • Pete, Novi, Michigan

    Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to thank you in person, however I want to thank your team for a very interesting course. Besides the fact that it was fun, it was a good investment of my time. I now understand the Medicare Donut Hole!