Our "Retirement Success Formula" workshop will give you a new perspective on comprehensive strategies involved with investment, insurance, and taxes in retirement.

If you are retired or approaching retirement, you may be tired of experiencing market volatility and mediocre results after sitting with multiple advisors. This series is designed to help you identify your financial vision and guide you through a tactical approach to managing your retirement. Your retirement is too fragile to hope for the best; Invest in your future and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by retirees.

Here's what we'll learn together: 

1. Understanding the REAL risks in retirement

2. The secret to identifying your perfect income strategy

3. What bullet-proof portfolios look like and why Wall Street hates them

4. Learn the massive changes to RMD rules and inheritance taxation

5. The difference between the way the 1% pay taxes and your way

6. Fixing the 3 most common mistakes in your financial estate plan at no cost